My latest in Mad Magazine

Posted 09.10.2019 at 12:00AM |

A lot's been said about the future and/or demise of Mad magazine.  There's not much more I can add, all of us contributors are pretty much in the dark as much as the run-of-the-mill fan.

I do know this, the next issue, issue 10, out in October 2019, is NOT the final issue, as was previously reported.  There will be at least one issue beyond that, slated for release in December.

With that said, here's my contribution to the current issue, #9, on newsstands now!  Written by Jesse Koester, Art Directed by the great Suzy Hutchinson.

What's kinda interesting about this one is it's drawn traditionally, with ink, pen and brush on illustration board.  The color is digital.  The main figure there is on one piece of paper, those little Tinder girls are all on separate pieces of bristol board.
Why is that significant?  Well, It's always cool to be able to hold the actual piece of art, IMHO.  

And, did you notice I just added a store to my site here?  Well, parts of this and lots of other goodies are going to be added sporadically throughout September, so start saving your pennies!

More on the store coming soon....

I just finished the work for next issue of Mad as well- once that's published, I'll have a few panels from it in the store as well.  What a way to end the summer!