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Posted 07.04.2016 at 12:00AM |

The International Society of Caricature Artists (ISCA) is an organization devoted to caricature art and caricature artists.  
Their main focus is generally quick sketch party caricature, but there's also some focus on non-live caricature and illustration as well.  
I spent a lot of time with this group back when it was called the National Caricaturists Network (NCN).  

They do a great job of encouraging caricature artists to push their artistic limits, and each year have a huge week long convention with numerous competitions, seminars and general networking.  
I owe much of my early success to this organization- I'm not joking when I say that every major milestone in my career can somehow be traced back to this organization.

What they also do is put out a newsletter/magazine, called Exaggerated Features.  Back in the late 90s, I was the editor of this thing, and I can certainly attest to how much work this thing is put out.  
Now, the EF is much bigger animal than it was in my days.  It's a proper magazine, is online and is full of all sorts of digital goodness (And it's in COLOR!!).  
One of the cool features they've started to do is go inside artist's studios and get the artist to talk a bit about how they work and their process.  This is accompanied by a cool 360° virtual tour.

Due to a severe lack in judgement, my studio is the focus of the current issue's studio tour.

Click on this thumbnail to be brought to the virtual tour- Pretty cool!
Just a note, I'm told it works best with the Firefox Browser- There's lots of callouts in there that only show up with Firefox.

Don't mind the ominous black holes in the ceiling and floor...

Here's a spread from the article, but for the whole write up as well as the rest of the issue, goto, sign up and subscribe!

Thanks to Debbie Burmeister and Court Jones, the ones behind all this.  
Great job, you guys!